Don’t Worry, Everything’s Going to be Okay…


A month after our mother’s passing, my sister found herself sifting through greeting cards at a bookstore in Serendra. No upcoming occasion whatsoever. Her feet simply dragged her there. By some unknown force, she picked up one particular card and started reading the note inside it. The message seemed so personalized–like it was sent from heaven. Well she bought it and passed it on to me. It really gave me so much comfort such that every time I feel down, I read what’s inside and although the card is starting to fade, the impact of the message never failed to give me a renewed feeling of strength. The words were exactly what our mother-the perfect epitome of strength-would tell us. She’s not much for hugs, emotions, tears and whining. I remember how much it angered her when she sees tears brimming in my eyes. I really exerted so much effort to stifle my cries. Only now did I realize how important it is to be able to control your feelings. Thank you mother for teaching us to be tough. Life can be harsh at times but you definitely succeeded at preparing us.


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