All Hail the Descendants of Narcissus!

Social media has taken narcissism to a whole new level.

When Narcissus (Greek Mythology) fell in love with his own reflection, he just laid all day staring at himself in a pool of water hour after hour. That’s where the term narcissism originated.

When mirrors were introduced into the market around the 17th century, I’m pretty certain a lot of people spent a lot of time in front of it admiring themselves.

Then came portrait paintings which not only allow people to stare at themselves for as many hours as they want but also allow them to capture their visual appearance.

The whole world rejoiced when the camera was invented—yet another way of preserving one’s image without having to sit long hours as opposed to paintings.

Now with today’s technology, the descendants of Narcissus found Nirvana in social networking sites. Facebook and Instagram, to name a few, are now the upgraded versions of Narcissus’ pool of water.

Below are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

Do you have tons of “selfies”?

Do you often change your profile picture and seldom recycle it?

Did you ever find yourself deleting a photo just because not even one among a thousand in your friend network “liked” it?

Do you believe that Camera 360—with its amazing, not to mention magical editing features—is the greatest app ever created?

Do you travel to a place just because you think the sites make great backdrops?

Do you go to hangouts frequented by the celebrities you obsessively follow on Instagram?

Do you “unfollow” people who don’t follow you back?

When you post a picture of yourself, do you check back every 5 minutes to see if you get additional “likes”?

Will it bother you if yesterday you had 306 followers and then today it’s down to 302?

Follow-up to the previous question: Would you try to investigate who just dumped you?

Would you activate “Location Services” when you’re somewhere grand?

Does it irk you when you ask someone to take a picture of you and it comes out blurry?

Do you go into a panic attack when someone posts a not-so-flattering photo of you?

When joining a group photo, do you elbow your way towards a spot where you are guaranteed to be at your best angle?

I bet we all are guilty of one or a couple but if you nodded YES all the way through all or most of the questions, then you have a serious problem. You might want to do something about your narcissistic traits before it consumes you.

Self destruction

Genuine relationships compromised

Surrounded by shallow people who can’t maintain a conversation for even a minute if it’s not about them

Unhealthy perception of self

Living beyond your means



People laughing behind your back for being extremely superficial and arrogant

Insatiable need for attention

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

That’s your inevitable future…


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