A penny for your ear?

In this era, ears have been reduced to its most basic function of hearing. I find it very unfortunate that people have to set an appointment and pay enormous amounts just to lie down on a couch and vent out their thoughts, feelings and emotions for a specific number of minutes to someone, anyone…and then “time’s up!”–session’s over, stop talking about your feelings because nobody really cares.

Over the weekend, i have been talking to a dear friend of mine. She’s been going through rough times since her mom died. Like a cliche, nobody really understands her, nobody appreciates her. From a shallow point of view, one would think, what in the world is this person complaining about? She has everything she needs without having to go to an office and work her ass off for a meager salary. She has her own car, she is surrounded by family, she has a life partner, somehow her future is secure without having to worry about retirement funds, she manages her own time, she travels a lot and yet she’s talking about her desire to cease to exist. After an entire afternoon spent on listening to her woes, she went home somewhat looking reenergized and was able to put a smile to her face. I didn’t really do anything you know, except serve her coffee and give her a few hours of my time. I didn’t even get mentally drained racking my brains for good advice because she just did all the talking. Yet I made her happy.

How many times have you been in a scenario where you are trying to talk about your day or your problems and after you finish you get nothing but blank stares (obviously they are thinking about their own day and the most interesting part that they would want to share). Or worse, you aren’t even given the chance to finish because they just can’t wait to blab about the show they watched, the new line of cosmetics, the new cafe they tried, their plans for the weekend. And so with resignation you just opt to dial the psychiatrist’s number…

That weekend I was also reading Bo Sanchez’ book Simplify (and live the good life). I landed on the 20th chapter–Discover your life-dreams. Bo Sanchez posed several questions:


I was quick to answer the first two. At the end of the chapter, the task is to write your personal mission statement. I now have a tentative mission statement. There was a part in the book where Bo said that God is his co-author and I think I can relate to that. I am not a very religious person but I believe in God and I felt like the circumstances that weekend led me towards discovering my life mission…God, being my co-author, helped me write down my mission-BE THAT PERSON WHO LISTENS

I am thankful that I am not that person who gets easily irked by the fact that people want to talk solely about themselves though I would have to admit, human as I am, it can be exasperating at times. I am thankful because I don’t have that aching need for someone to listen because I know I can vent out anytime to our omnipresent and omniscient Creator. I am thankful that He gave me the passion to write so I can type away my thoughts when I am starting to get saturated by other people’s concerns.

It would be good to utilize that region of the brain that makes us sensitive to cries of help…silent cries for help. If everybody is becoming more and more desensitized, what would become of the world then?


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