Yearning for Gap Year

Last week, I didn’t go to work for two days and the week before that, three days straight. Saying that I am starting to get bored with my job is an understatement. I want to get out of it. It is not simply a case of burn out. Employees should be allowed a sabbatical year. I wish!

It’s the weekend and I am currently in my workstation, supposedly getting some work done so I can hit a bunch of deadlines. I find myself longing for a gap year instead—the one similar to what kids have in the United States so that they would have a chance to explore the world and reflect on what they would want to do with the rest of their lives. The young people in The Philippines don’t have that so mental note: Make sure Nero (my 10 year old son) gets his own gap year.

Here’s a list of the things I would do if I had the chance for a time out from the corporate world:

  1. Organic Farming. Yes my friends, I would like to go back to the province, teal the soil, grow my own tomatoes, beans and lettuce, and care for my own livestock…
  2. Get my son home-schooled
  3. Travel
  4. Bake creative, deliciously mind-blowing cupcakes and make a living out of it. I already have a name for my shop as well as for my blog. I know I know, there a million blogs out there about cupcakes and every single baker thinks theirs is unique. I guess mine wouldn’t be any different but humour me for now.
  5. Write. I’ll be buying a typewriter soon. I can just imagine the antique sound that a typewriter makes when you press on the keys and turn the carriage return lever to switch to the next line lol. Music to my ears.

Don’t worry, I am not just whining and dreaming…well for now I am because let’s face it, the motivation to go to work may run out but obligations don’t just disappear—exactly why I am still sitting on an office chair, staring at spreadsheets and waiting for my next pay check. But I have taken steps towards the realization of the future I have envisioned.

  1. I have recently acquired a piece of land in the province and had a little field trip on an organic farm
  2. I did and still am doing an extensive research about baking
  3. I am constantly honing my writing skills
  4. I have been reading a lot about home schools but most articles are from other countries. Unfortunately, one can’t get much information, guidance and encouragement in my country.

It’s basically a future of self-sufficiency and being me.

What about you? What would you do if you had a breather? Would a couple of weeks suffice? Or would it be a long term kind of thing geared towards a totally different track?Image



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