Easing into a Healthy Diet

DSC00012I have always been a cheeseburger and fries person. Add to that cake for dessert, soda for beverage and ALL the chocolates in between! There’s nothing more comforting than…well…comfort food (however you define comfort food). Thinking of all the junk I have consumed for twenty years makes me want to shudder. I am actually thankful I am not yet obese and more importantly, I’m still alive. Not sure who I owe that to but definitely not to a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables were rarely a part of my daily sustenance for the past two decades. I have mentioned in one of my blogs before that when you get rid of everything that gives you anxiety, you get to think of more important things that you should really be anxious about like health or total wellness in general. I would like to refer to the MIND, BODY and SOUL as the big three. Take care of the big three and all will be well. I can guarantee you that.

Being a stress eater for so long, forming a healthy diet is no walk in the park for me. As you may have already guessed from the title, I didn’t go cold turkey on the junk.

IMG_2174I had to have an “easing in” phase. I started with a fruit smoothie. Fruits are generally delectable so it’s an excellent choice for all the novices like me out there who have finally decided to incorporate nutrients in the food they ingest. Anyone can come up with their own recipe.





IMG_2175For the liquid base, you can just use water but for my first, I used a probiotic drink. Probiotic drinks are famous for improving intestinal function and building immunity. There is little evidence to such claims but continuous research is being conducted to confirm the benefits of live microorganisms. Beneficial or not, it definitely gave my smoothie an interesting tangy taste.




healthFor the main ingredients, I blended together oranges, apples, cucumber, grapes and carrots–easy on the palate and the tummy. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Whatever fruit tickles your fancy, go ahead and dump it in the blender. The key here is not to be too hard on yourself. You don’t have to be too punitive and start with the greens or vegetables. If you plan to sustain this kind of diet, you have to like it and you shall never depart from it because your body will keep looking for it. I can attest to that. Right now, not a day goes by without a glass of my natural source of nutrients.

Happy blending!



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