Andrea Grace

My aunt’s definitely got a way with words. Proud niece here so i’m sharing this. Simple and short yet very powerful; it really moved me.


she’s only 3, she is in my morning session.. We were halfway along our morning snack when she suddenly stopped chewing her food, her whole demeanor changed from a normal happy kid eating her snack to a teary eyed helpless little girl. I let her be as I attended to the other kids finishing their food and raring to go. The other kids have gone, but little Andrea is still in her seat, tears silently streaming down her face, I knew in my heart, its got to be the menacing toothache. Before I can go to her, she let out a heart wrenching sob after sob that literally tore at my heart and pricked my eyes to shed my own tears. The power of a little girl’s cry.  I cradled her in my arms and soothed her as best as I could until the sobs subsided. Then and only then did I…

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